Getting the Giggles: George the Self Esteem Cat

George and DOG are at a very important lecture about avocados. However, the lecture is a little bit boring, so DOG has caught a case of the giggles. When giggles or laughter happen to you completely by surprise, sometimes that is just your brain’s way of telling you that maybe you need to pay more attention, or that you need a little bit of distraction from something too dull or too complicated. If you find yourself getting the giggles, just excuse yourself and laugh it out, so you can be good to everyone, just like you are good to self.

Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.

George the Self-Esteem Cat is a family-friendly sketch comedy puppet show that talks about how to build good self-esteem We upload a new episode every Sunday, so why not subscribe and watch all of them?

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