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  1. I do think that in some ways perfectionism is tied up with procrastination because while an idea is still in your head & not put out in the world for anyone to judge, it is perfect. I say perfect because it (and you) can never, ever fail. As an example, I enjoy making cards to give to friends & they have been very positively received but one of the most difficult/scary things I did last year was say “yes” when a friend asked me to create Christmas cards to give to her family. Luckily, she asked about 3 weeks prior to Christmas & they had to be mailed across the country so I had no time to think about my answer. She’s a friend so I wanted to do this for her & I had very little time so I sat at my table & started making cards with no time to keep asking “is this good enough?”, “will they like it?”etc. I made 30 cards in 3 days & they were a huge hit with her family but if I had had a month to do the cards, I would have procrastinated until I had no choice but to do it for fear of not producing the perfect cards I want to make.

    Maybe I am tying up perfectionism with fear of failure or humiliation because it’s not so much that I want something to be “perfect” as that I want it to be universally loved & never criticized, an impossibility. Unless you are named George…and you are a cat. 😀

    1. Yes, I think that there’s a bit of perfectionism built into procrastinators, but I think the main difference is what you’re talking about. If something is perfect in your mind, it’s easy to avoid starting, but what you have in your mind isn’t something you’re actively perfecting, if you see what I mean. Creation is all about action, to me. So many people say that they are “aspiring writers” or “aspiring artists,” but the aspiration is as far as they get.

      Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

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