Tiropita Bites (Greek-Inspired Cheese Pie): 3 Ingredient Recipes

This week, Arnaki is back, and he’s a little miffed that we asked him to revisit us for another Greek-inspired dish. However, this dish is inspired by a Greek classic called Tiropita (sometimes spelled tiropites or tyropita). Tiropita is like Spanikopita without the spinach and is traditionally made with phyllo dough and cheese. This recipe takes those flavors and textures and simplifies them down to the very basics, and it’s just delicious!

Tiropita Bites:


1.5 cups feta cheese
1 cup whipped cream cheese
15 small phyllo cups (pre-made)

Combine cheeses until smooth and pipe into cups. Bake at 350F until heated through. Serve hot.

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