Unplugging: George the Self Esteem Cat

George is getting very stressed out by the fact that there seem to be so many people who are WRONG on the internet! How can he convince everybody that he is right and they are wrong if he doesn’t stay connected to the internet 24 hours a day? Luckily, DOG has a clearer head and says that sometimes, unplugging is the best thing you can do. Get away from the online opinions of people who don’t matter, who won’t be convinced by your arguments and will only serve to make you angry. Relax, unplug, unwind and be good to self.

Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.

George the Self Esteem Cat is a sketch comedy puppet show that teaches lessons about having and building good self esteem. We upload a new episode every Sunday, so why not subscribe and keep up with all of George and DOG’s lessons?

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