The Orville vs. Discovery (Opinions): George the Self Esteem Cat

Squirrel loves the new show, The Orville, starring Seth MacFarlane. He thinks it’s the best show on TV and is “more Star Trek than Star Trek.” DOG loves the new show, Star Trek Discovery, and thinks it’s superior to The Orville because it takes a historically great series and evolves it. They get into a big fight over who has the “right” opinion on the best science fiction show for scifi fans. George is here to tell them (and us) that maybe they’re both right, or maybe people can like different things and nobody has to be wrong.

Remember: Be like cat. Be good to self.

George the Self Esteem Cat is a sketch comedy puppet show that centers on building good self esteem. We upload a new episode every Sunday, so why not subscribe and keep up with everything we do?

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